Kaleidoscope Treasure Chest

In our treasure chest we collect small but useful tools that we have developed for specific projects and may be of interest for other customers as well. Explore our treasure chest, perhaps you can find a jewel for yourself!


Fragmenting XML

Some content management and editing systems, such as Fischer’s TIM, will output XML content without line breaks (CR line feed). This creates problems when translating the file in TagEditor because the text becomes highly unorganized and performance drops significantly. Fragmenting XML solves this problem by allowing the user to insert line breaks in front of certain elements and then remove those breaks after translation is complete. Of course, line breaks may not be inserted in front of all elements. For example, they may not be inserted in front of the “internal” tags of in-line formatting. To resolve this, configuration files let the user specify where line breaks will occur. To fragment the XML, you simply select the relevant configuration file. Fragmenting XML supports drag-and-drop functionality or can also be started through the command line (batch mode) for an automated process.

Trial version

A trial version is not available, but we will be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of Fragmenting XML by processing your XML files according to your instructions and returning them to you.

Licensing and ordering

Fragmenting XML is available as a single-user license for €450.00. Do you want to go ahead and buy Fragmenting XML now? Then take a look at our online shop!


Checking Duplicates

Checking Duplicates is designed to search translation memories and termbases for duplicates that the standard-issue SDL functions will not find. Termbases: Use Checking Duplicates with termbases to: 1. Search for duplicates in all languages simultaneously. This will let you detect any undesirable duplicate terms in your source but particularly your foreign languages. This problem is normally difficult to detect, especially when expanding a termbase with new languages. 2. Search for duplicate synonyms in each entry and language. MultiTerm will let you insert several synonyms in a given language within one single entry. However, this leads to major problems when editing the entry. This function lets you quickly locate such entries. Refer to the Help for a description of how to solve this problem. Translation Memories: Finding duplicates in TMs is simply not possible with the standard-issue functions in SDL. Checking Duplicates provides this feature. In particular, Checking Duplicates finds duplicates that differ only in formatting. This is a very valuable function for maintaining clean source data.

Licensing and ordering

Like SDL Trados, Checking Duplicates is available as a Professional or a Freelance license. Similar to SDL Trados, the Freelance license may be used with up to five different languages. It may only be used with local termbases and TMs in the Freelance version of Workbench. In addition, the Freelance Edition is available only in a single-user version. The Professional Edition does not have these limitations. Checking Duplicates Professional is available as a single-user (node locked) license. The first single-user license of Checking Duplicates costs €450.00. Each additional single-user license costs €200. Volume discounts are available for 10 licenses or more. If you are purchasing more than one license, we recommend signing a support and maintenance contract at 25% of the list price, with a minimum annual charge of €500.00. As an alternative, we also offer “pay per incident” support for individual troubleshooting issues. Checking Duplicates Freelance is available as a single-user (node locked) license for €125.00. We do not offer a support and maintenance plan for the Freelance Edition. Instead, we offer discounted upgrade prices as well as pay-per-incident support. Ask us about this when placing your order or the first time you need help or an update. You can purchase the Professional version of Checking Duplicates here. The Freelance version of Checking Duplicates is available to purchase here.



secureSDLXLIFF was developed in cooperation with eurocom Translation Services GmbH and our technology partner localix.biz. With secureSDLXLIFF, you can check for known issues and pitfalls in various document types, notably Microsoft Word, but also Excel, InDesign, etc. secureSDLXLIFF simulates the translation process and detects errors in Microsoft Office files before they are loaded in SDL Trados Studio, SDL Teamworks, SDL TMS, or SDL WorldServer. You can repair errors in Microsoft Office files and prepare them for a smoother translation process. For instance:

  • Tracked changes in MS Word
  • Missing paragraph marks before segment breaks in MS Word
  • Embedded objects in MS Word or MS Excel
  • Grouped columns or rows in MS Excel
  • Remove or rename bookmarks (hidden or normal)
  • Full search/replace function with Word syntax for Word files
  • Save settings in profiles similar to project templates in SDL Studio
  • Support for SDL Trados project templates during the translation check
  • etc.

secureSDLXLIFF can also automatically analyze and prepare several files in one batch. It provides detailed analysis reports for things like embedded graphics. That way before translation even begins you can be sure that your SDLXLIFF file will convert back to the original format. Trial version: You can download the trial version for Trados Studio 2015 here. Please note: The trial version is restricted to two datasets in batch mode. Licensing and ordering: secureSDLXLIFF is available as a single-user (node locked) license. The first single-user license of secureSDLXLIFF costs €1,250.00. Each additional single-user license costs €500. Volume discounts are available for 10 licenses or more. If you are purchasing more than one license, we recommend signing a support and maintenance contract at 25% of the list price, with a minimum annual charge of €500.00. As an alternative, we also offer “pay per incident” support for individual troubleshooting issues. Do you want to buy secureSDLXLIFF now? You can purchase the Professional version of secureSDLXLIFF from our online shop.


Delivering MultiTerm

Delivering MultiTerm converts server-based termbases into a local termbase, which can be added to a SDL Trados Studio project. You can take this termbase offline and send it to the translator. Delivering MultiTerm optionally scans the source documents for terms and then adds only the relevant ones to the project-specific local termbase. Filtering is also available.

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Excelling MultiTerm

Excelling MultiTerm is a tool that lets you precisely select data from SDL MultiTerm and export that data into an Excel file. Once in Excel, you can then edit, translate, or review your terminology. You then use the Excel file itself to update the data in MultiTerm. Excelling MultiTerm also contains a number of features which professional users of MultiTerm need for keeping termbases “clean”.

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Publishing MultiTerm

Use Publishing MultiTerm to select specific content from SDL MultiTerm and export it. Then run any number of transformations on the output, and convert the final data to formats like PDF or XML. The tool is ideal if you want to create a glossary suitable for printing or if you want to export your data for use in other systems. Once set up, the publishing process runs automatically on a server.

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Translate Excel Files with Ease

Excelling Studio makes working with Microsoft Excel files much easier. These files are often a stumbling block, especially when processed in translation tools. Excelling Studio from Kaleidoscope organizes your Excel files and prepares them for translation in SDL Trados Studio. The tool reads data from the columns and rows of excel files and converts them to a special XML format.

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Connecting Content

Connecting Content is the ideal solution for connecting a content management, catalog, or technical editing system to an SDL Trados-based translation workflow. Connecting Content also works smoothly with a variety of other workflow systems and is a logical solution for automating time-consuming processes in this field. Once set up, it runs automatically on a server, automating your projects.
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COTI – Standard for Automation

COTI – Common Translation Interface – is a German standard for exchanging translation projects between a CMS such as SCHEMA ST4 and a CAT. Kaleidoscope has built this bridge for the world of SDL Trados Studio, GroupShare, and WorldServer, enabling standardized automatic data exchange between editing and translation management systems that can be implemented extremely quickly.
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goAnalyze Studio Files

goAnalyze is an add-on for SDL Trados that can analyze multiple or even zipped files, without even having to open Studio or create a project. Using goAnalyze, any number of different TM connections can be grouped under “Customer” and prices assigned to the corresponding match bands. Not only is this a bonus for freelancers and agencies, but also for in-house translation departments.

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Synching Language

Synching Language is a fully automated tool for keeping several translation memories and termbases synchronized between multiple SDL servers and/or clients. This solution maintains “snapshots” of all databases and compares all the images with one another during each synchronization process. As a result, synchronization can be performed reliably in both directions.

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Your TTX is too large?

Then Splitting TTX is the Answer! Splitting TTX is an extremely efficient tool for splitting large TTX files into several smaller TTX files. After the translation is complete, the individual files are merged back together into one complete TTX file. This is particularly useful when TTX files are too large to handle efficiently or when several translators will work on one source file at the same time.

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Jewels in the Treasure Chest

In our treasure chest we collect small and useful tools that we have developed for specific needs and which may be interesting for other customers as well. Take a look for yourself; perhaps you will also find a jewel among the tools such as Fragmenting XML, Checking Duplicates and secureSDLXLIFF that will transform your current processes! Got a great idea for a new tool? Let us know!

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Consultancy & Workshops

While you can simply download and try out some of our products for yourself, larger-scale solutions such as SCHEMA DocuManager or SDL WorldServer have extensive configuration options. To enable us to tailor these systems to your individual requirements, we can offer you specialist guidance and workshops. This will give you a clear picture of the desired and perfect solution for you.

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Rely On Our Support

Do you want tailored guidance and prompt support response times? Then you can rely on us! We provide support both for the SDL Trados products we market and for the software solutions we develop in-house, such as quickTerm, smartQuery, globalReview, and expertTools. In order to support the products from our other partners, we negotiate direct support and maintenance contracts on your behalf.

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