Consistent and Cost-Effective: Corporate Language

Do you need to be precise when it comes to communicating your brands, messages, product features, and functions? Not just to your customers, but your colleagues too? It all comes down to consistent terminology. This is also a key aspect in terms of legal requirements, such as product liability and the machinery directives. And of course, consistent source texts are a basic requirement for achieving precision and automation in multilingual environments.

Additionally, terminological consistency offers a great deal of potential for cost savings. As already mentioned under the topic “Return on Investment” (ROI) from terminology, we would be happy to discuss what is possible in a face-to-face meeting. Interested? Call us or send us an e-mail, for a prompt response to your inquiry.


Check for the right word

Terminology is only useful if you can make sure it is actually being used. For this purpose, checkTerm checks terminology in your texts – via the clipboard, in your intranet, through plug-ins e.g. in MS Word, or directly in SDL Trados Studio. Its morphological engine correctly identifies declination, composites etc. and accurately pinpoints rejected or missing terms as well as variants.

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Terminology for Everyone!

You want to roll out terminology to everyone in your company? As quickly and easily as possible? With workflow and life cycle management, version control, and many other useful functions? With Web 2.0 capabilities, making terminology even more fun and interesting? With concept maps, visualizing correlations between entries in the termbase graphically? We produly present quickTerm!

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SDL MultiTerm: “The” Database

SDL MultiTerm’s highly customizable database structure can be adapted precisely to your requirements. In fact, SDL MultiTerm is the only commercially available tool that can handle the demands of professional terminology management. MultiTerm’s tight integration into the SDL translation environment automatically provides the translator with the necessary terminology.

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Terminology Marketing

One of the key success factors of all successful terminology projects is the constant self-marketing by the terminology team in their company. They need to keep bringing attention to the termbase, especially if the terminology process is to be collaborative. Motivate the user “crowd” to stay engaged with extra offers and additional benefits such as term quizzes or terms of the week.

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Fun with terminology

If you want your users to actually engage with your terminology, it must be presented in a pragmatic, fast and easy to understand way. It is also essential to create clever search features, with an intuitive display of results. And the right features for everyone, depending on the way they work and their preferences. You can even add enriched content with terms of the week or term quizzes

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Small but Mighty!

Do you want to speed up working in SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm even further and customize it even more precisely to your needs? Then you should take a closer look at our little digital helpers: expertTools enable elegant processes and solutions that would otherwise be highly complex and time-consuming. Many of our expertTools are available both as a freelance and as a professional version.

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Terminology & Services

Establishing a termbase that will be used throughout your company is more complex than collecting and entering technical terminology. A properly implemented termbase will reflect how you anticipate using the data. Who at your company will develop or approve terminology, and who will use it? Our specialists will analyze and advise based on your exact needs, before delivering the perfect solution.

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Social Media @ Terminology

Social media teaches us how people can be motivated to actively and voluntarily participate and work towards a common goal. quickTerm’s “social web” functions put this insight into practice purposefully and effectively, supporting your terminology work. Features like term quizzes or terms of the week attract attention! You will be amazed how passionate your colleagues will become about terminology!

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Corporate Language ROI

Terminology is one of the prerequisites for precise and consistent communication about your brands, messages, product features, and functions. The company will benefit from this both in the short and long term; consistent source texts are vital for the automation of your translations and thus cost savings. More information on the question of ROI is just a click away:

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Consultancy & Workshops

While you can simply download and try out some of our products for yourself, larger-scale solutions such as SCHEMA DocuManager or SDL WorldServer have extensive configuration options. To enable us to tailor these systems to your individual requirements, we can offer you specialist guidance and workshops. This will give you a clear picture of the desired and perfect solution for you.

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Rely On Our Support

Do you want tailored guidance and prompt support response times? Then you can rely on us! We provide support both for the SDL Trados products we market and for the software solutions we develop in-house, such as quickTerm, smartQuery, globalReview, and expertTools. In order to support the products from our other partners, we negotiate direct support and maintenance contracts on your behalf.

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