From technical terms to termbase

Maintaining uniform internal terminology is the key to effective internal communication and consistent translations. The first steps are to clearly define important concepts and assign standardized terms to describe them.

Managing terminology during the translation process serves two main purposes:

  • To define mandatory technical terms and their appropriate usage.
  • To provide consistency of terminology for the reader.

Having uniform technical terminology is a key requirement for achieving linguistic precision in a variety of areas, such as documentation, spare parts administration, marketing, and IT. Ultimately, this precision is carried forward into translated material. Product liability regulations and other legal requirements, such as safety notices, demand uniform application of the language.

Having the right term at the touch of a button

Terminology management

  • helps minimize language-related misunderstandings during translation and improves the overall quality of the written material.
  • Corporate reporting guidelines that specify how certain information should be formulated and written are also maintained in a documentable way.

The client’s support is essential for optimizing the terminology workflow during a translation project. You, the client, know exactly how critical terms are defined and used within your company, so you can most effectively judge the correctness of a translated statement. For this reason, we may ask you to approve the use of certain terminology. The effort required to actively manage terminology will pay real dividends in the medium and long-term. You and your co-workers will benefit from transparent and uniform usage of terminology in your written material. At the same time, you will avoid the time and expense of resolving misunderstandings.

Terminology @ eurocom

We look forward to helping you handle important aspects of terminology management:

  • Establishing, reinforcing, and translating internal terminology,
  • Designing a workflow for proposing, approving, and maintaining important terminology
  • Editing and importing existing glossaries

We also have the technology required to extract terminology from existing material and filter out relevant terms. Working in conjunction with our parent company, Kaleidoscope GmbH, we hold terminology workshops and implement terminology processes and tools. We also translate and maintain your terminology entries in the desired languages. For this we use bilingual or multilingual terminology databases, also known as termbases. We prefer the SDL MultiTerm terminology management system. User-friendly search options based on quickTerm make it easy to search for and find the right terms at the touch of a button.


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Technical Translations

We have years of experience in technical translations. And we know time-to-market is a major factor in the financial success of technological innovations. Bringing products to market often requires flawless translations for multiple countries and languages to be provided simultaneously. Yet, despite this time pressure, accuracy and reliability are paramount.

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Global Advertising

Translating advertising copy and marketing texts requires a high level of instinct. In addition to producing a translation that is accurate and complete, the translator must employ the proper writing style and structure in order to strike the right tone with the reader. Providing information about the target group and purpose of the text helps the translator ensure the translation fulfills its purpose.

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Your Website in Every Language

Modern global corporations are expected to have flawlessly translated websites in several languages. With the marketplace becoming more international than ever before, there are enormous opportunities that you can fully exploit with our range of services. A smooth data exchange between content management and translation systems is critical to a perfect website translation.

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Software Localization

Dialos, messages, menus, and buttons are examples of software-related snippets that express information in a highly compacted form and therefore require a very integrated translation process. Localization projects involve the translation of software into a new target language as well as adaptation to a different culture. They place very high demands on translation and project management.

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We Speak Your Languages

A website in 14 languages reaches 90% of the online business world! We translate all major world languages, employing native speakers in the country where the target language is spoken. In-country translators have more research opportunities open to them and remain in touch with the latest linguistic trends. They are also ideally positioned to work with your subsidiaries for quality management.

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Translation and Creation…

…becomes transcreation, provided you have the right partner. It is usually marketing departments who request transcreation in order to implement their marketing campaigns consistently in all the target countries, yet also to ensure they are perfectly tailored to the local culture and the respective target group. The translation is merely the starting point for transcreation, or in other words, the briefing.

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From Terms to Termbase

Using consistent internal terminology is an essential requirement for achieving linguistic precision in a variety of areas, such as documentation, marketing, and IT. Ultimately, this precision is carried forward into translated material. For product liability regulations and other legal requirements, such as safety notices, uniform application of the language is especially important.

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Making approval processes easier

Often it is important for international corporations to have key stakeholders review and approve translations. For example, national subsidiaries or sales partners often read through the final version of a translation without referencing the original source text. This can be a very time-consuming process involving multiple technical departments and reviewers. globalReview speed up this process.

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Communication is Key

Our project managers ensure our translators have all the information they need to produce the best quality product, whilst understanding and implementing your individual requirements. The project manager will consult with you and inform the translator accordingly. Query management at eurocom is centralised and web-based – saving time and money while improving quality.

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Audio and Video Goes Global

To make sure your promotional films, training videos, or conference recordings retain the power of your message even in the target country, we work with experienced specialist translators, professional recording studios, and voice-over specialists. We will handle your voice-over, dubbing, subtitling, and transcription projects – and much more besides – in our usual professional manner.

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Translation and Layout

Our portfolio of services also includes the steps that follow translation, up to print-ready layout. While many other providers are only able to handle simple text files, we have the technical capabilities to translate files that were created in desktop publishing formats (e.g. InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker). They are then imported back into the original layout using an automated process.

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Interpreters for Your Events

Interpreters act as a bridge between languages and cultures whenever people from different linguistic regions come together and communicate verbally. We provide experienced and professional interpreters, both simultansous and consecutive, as well as the required technical interpreting equipment for all kinds of events, from press conferences to conventions and everything in between.

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Translation Memory

We translate your content using translation memory technology from SDL Trados, an esteemed computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool that is regularly used by many of our customers. SDL Trados brings speed and predictability to the translation process while helping ensure consistency of language. Best of all, major cost savings can be made by reusing previously translated material.

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Managing Terminology

Uniform usage of technical and business-specific terminology is an important factor in establishing a professional corporate image. Although creating and maintaining a terminology database is a complex task, it pays enormous dividends over the long term by improving both source-language and translated materials. Terminology management helps you keep track of your terms!

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Process Integration

We can no longer view translation processes in isolation. They have become part of complex, company-wide workflows and are often embedded in related software environments, such as content management, document management, and ERP systems. We work together with your IT department to develop solutions that seamlessly integrate your systems with our translation environments.

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QA and Approval Processes

Obtaining translation approvals and communicating between translators, LSPs, subject matter experts, and reviewers used to be a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone process. We set out to change this with globalReview, developed by our parent company, Kaleidoscope. This innovative, web-based platform signals a new collaborative era in strategic quality management.

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transCreate with Ease Online

Our innovative web portal, transCreate, has been specially designed for the challenges of transcreation. Perfectly tailored to the layout-based collaboration needed to coordinate translation content, transCreate enables translators, project managers, reviewers, and clients to work together seamlessly so that everyone can focus on the actual transcreation task at hand.

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Information Security

Information security is an essential requirement in times of digital industrial espionage. We are conscious of the considerable responsibility and trust customers place in us when translating their highly sensitive data. For this reason we adhere to the stringent standards of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and are an approved supplier for Volkswagen AG.

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Sustainable Processes

Concentrate on your core skills and we will take care of your translations! We combine our decades of experience in processes, best practice, and technology with personalized and pro-active customer service and a dose of Austrian charme. Working with you, we strive to constantly optimize all your processes over the long term and effectively increase ROI potential both on our side and on yours.

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Tailored Global Projects

Your dedicated eurocom project manager will take care of all aspects of your request, from selecting the translation team and preparing the data right through to the final checks. They are responsible for bringing all ends together. With the help of a specially developed process management system, the workflow is extremely transparent and traceable, as well as certified to ISO 17100.

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Agile Translation Subscription

The digital business world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and is bringing new challenges in the form of social media translations and agile software localization. As our customer, you benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience. We develop concepts for you such as translating small regular jobs via a “web subscription” or collaboration on agile projects.

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