Kaleidoscope and Congree: a partnership creates synergies

Congree und Kaleidoscope: Eine Partnerschaft, die Synergien schafft Kaleidoscope - Mit quickTerm der Spezialist für Terminologielösungen

Karlsruhe/Vienna. The companies Kaleidoscope and Congree are entering into a partnership. A key aspect of the partnership is to exploit synergies in the field of terminology.

“The profiles of Kaleidoscope and Congree complement each other perfectly,” says Klaus Fleischmann, CEO of Kaleidoscope. “This is particularly evident from the integration of Congree with quickTerm. This forms the link between authoring assistance in the editor and our software for a company-wide terminology process. We help companies to coordinate internally and share their terminology. In addition to the terminology check with a variety of editors, the Authoring Memory and the style check, Congree gives our customers the opportunity to further develop the concept of authoring assistance.”

Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO, adds “Kaleidoscope has a broad portfolio of terminology workflows. We are pleased to now have direct integration with quickTerm. This enables the great synergies between the two companies to be exploited not only in consulting, but also technologically. With Kaleidoscope, companies define their terminology, with Congree they ensure that it is adhered to and also generate new proposals. And so the circle closes.”

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