Kaleidoscope – Taking Your Content Global

For over 25 years, we have been helping our customers deliver their products and content in all the world´s languages. Our unique mix of translation services, industry-leading software, our own customized solutions, and reliable process consulting makes us an international market and innovation leader. For our customers, this means optimized efficiency, effectiveness, predictability, and quality in multilingual product information.

In close cooperation with our customers, we create solutions that are tailor-made to fit their precise needs, all the while taking an extremely flexible, dynamic, and solution-oriented approach. As experts in the language services sector, we also combine our sound industry knowledge with mature, tried-and-tested products.

We guarantee our customers security, quality, and professionalism. This lays the foundations for our long-term customer relationships, which are based on partnership.

We offer our employees an accountable and flexible working environment with streamlined decision-making processes, and the opportunity to actively contribute to the organization and focus on their personal development. This forms the basis of a committed, innovative and stable team.

Taking Your Content Global is therefore our guiding principle and covers:



Translating your product to the world stage

Seventy-five percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product if information is available in their mother tongue.

Common Sense Advisory

Our sister company, eurocom, is dedicated to finding the right words at the right time. As the largest translation service provider in Austria, eurocom stands out from the crowd with its personal touch and innovative solutions.

We have extensive experience translating technical texts, such as operating instructions, service manuals, maintenance instructions, and online help, into all major languages. We are also highly skilled at translating advertising copy and marketing texts, such as company profiles, product catalogs, and press releases, so your message is delivered effectively in all your business regions.



Software, Processes, Consulting

Kaleidoscope is the official Reseller for SDL translation software in Austria
Kaleidoscope is SCHEMA certified gold partner
eurocom is SCHEMA- certified translation provider
Kaleidoscope resells Acrolinx in Austria

Only by using technology can organizations and processes be scaled.

Common Sense Advisory, Accelerating Localization Maturity

Translation, terminology and editing: Kaleidoscope offers market-leading standard products from SDL, SCHEMA, Acrolinx, and other technology partners in these three areas. In addition, we incorporate the process experience we have gained over decades into our own solutions, such as our terminology workflow system quickTerm, the review and quality management solution globalReview, or our query management system smartQuery. Our expertTools are a collection of small, but extremely useful programs. As plug-ins for SDL Trados and SDL MultiTerm, they enable processes and solutions that would otherwise be highly complex and time-consuming.


There are many challenges associated with international business. Companies that aim to tap into new markets will find it essential to have their product information, marketing materials, and software produced in the relevant languages of their target markets. Quality, costs, and time are the deciding factors here. And it’s precisely these three aspects that we optimize with a mixture of leading software solutions and our own highly specialized, customizable developments tailored exactly to your requirements.

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Terminology never stands still. Viewing terminology as a fluid concept helps you to precisely and consistently communicate your corporate objectives, content, and product information to your customers and target audience as well as to optimize internal communication. For terminology work to be successful, it’s extremely important that all users can access your content and data as quickly and easily as possible. A database that no one uses is far from a terminology solution; instead it is simply a waste of money.

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The process of creating professional technical product information like documentation, data sheets, price lists or catalogs is highly complex and has tremendous potential for savings. Managing multiple languages, versions, and product variants, publishing documents in print and online, complying with legal requirements, several levels of approval and changes – all these aspects must be solved in an intelligent manner. We will help you tackle these challenges head on, saving you time, money, and not least your nerves!

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